Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens met in Brussels. Summer of 2009. That’s when Joy Wellboy was founded.

They soon realize that they share a vision on how to record music and begin to document their journey. Always eager for more excitement, just to catch some inspiration. Eventually, interesting stories follow. During a 3 month stay in California, they start to make video’s of live performances for unreleased songs in deserted landscapes like Death Valley, Twin Peaks and Joshua Tree Park. They manage to create a universe with one microphone, a small amp and a videocamera. It’s attracting more people to their music. Bookers in Belgium, France and Germany catch their vibes and are pleased to add them to their rosters.

Since their first concert in 2010, Joy Wellboy rapidly moved on from the local scene in Brussels to stages all over Europe. They played with Morcheeba, Alt-J, Eiffel, Angus Stone, Kimbra, Selah Sue and Sohn, as a support band and headlined clubtours from France to Poland, Germany to Italy and everywhere in between on Melt! booking.

In 2013, they swap their beloved hometown Brussels for Berlin.
Moving to Germany helps to build their audience and brings their music to the ears of the groundbreaking label,“Bpitch Control”, home to bands like Apparat, Modeselektor, Paul Kalkbrenner and Dillon.

Ellen Allien instantly falls for their music and signs the duo in 2013.
Joy Wellboy’s debut “Yorokobi’s Mantra” is released in 2013, the EP «Before The Sunrise» in 2014 and the album “Wedding” in 2015.
The French album “Les pieds dans la merde, la tête dans les étoiles” follows in 2017( on ADP records).

Songs like “Lay down your blade”, “Before the sunrise”, “Birds”, and “I’m waiting for you” received a lot of airplay in Germany. And the remix of “Before the sunrise” by Dixon became an instant party classic all over the world.
Their latest single » Here Is Where I Belong» has been released on Sizzer Records in July 2019. Radio Eins added the song to their playlist.
A new EP called «Dreams Stay Dreams» will be released in June 2020 on Edu Imbernon’s renown label, Fayer records.

The synergy between the two on stage is intriguing. Although they seem to come from opposite corners, their differences are complementary and enhance the experience for the audience.The outcome of this reoccurring collision is the beating heart of their music. It’s no performance. It’s real. Intimacy. The truth without apologies. Dear world. From heaven to hell and back again. We love it. Because honestly. It’s keeping us awake.

Redsea (IT) Fayer