In a day where electronic music is all starting to sound the same. Here’s something fresh called Bambook!

The Swedish duo Bambook consisting of Eiad Sayegh and Hannes Netzell are no strangers to the house scene having already released a superb EP ‘Give It Up’ that was heavily supported by Dixon & Ame As well as receiving support from internationally renowned DJs & producers the pairing have released original music on Yousef’s Circus Recordings Droog’s Culprit LA, M.A.N.D.Y’s Get Physical, Kindisch, Noir Music and Fayer as well as a whole host of remixes.

Just over a year old now the duo have captured a unique signature sound: set to expressing a distinctive mood by working with acclaimed singers, classic house percussions, and emphatic baselines that triggers the right buttons.

Agoria FayerDavid August Fayer