FAY014N Edu Imbernon – Underwater Breathtaking feat. Mordem EP Out Now!

 In Fayer

The latest offering from idiosyncratic tastemaker and ambitious label curator – Edu Imbernon – sees the ever-evolving artist inside step things up a gear, via the breathy and ethereal, yet sharp and rhythmic stylings of «Underwater Breathtaking».


  Sat ever so patiently next to the triumphant original, calmly waiting his turn, is the first of two very special reworks. For several years now – Edu’s bold and inspired A&R approach has garnered praise from all corners of the electronic music realm; and the commissions he makes here, do nothing but back that reputation to the hilt all over again. As firstly we see this mantra embodied perfectly by visionary producer, Marino Canal; who here takes us down a far more sinister, yet seductive and almost psychedelic path, and one that tends to veer well left of centre. The depth of tone and tactility of vibe are enough to warrant labelling Marino’s effort as remarkable; but then you consider how stripped the production is, and suddenly it’s gone up yet another level.

  The 2nd remix, which is to be as a stand-alone release, a little further down the line in July – will be coming from the deep and bittersweet clutches of melodic Techno trail-blazer, Innellea; The remix wears it’s heart boldly on it’s sleeve, pouring out the speakers with a strangely alluring naivety…giving this quite affecting re-work an almost evergreen quality to make it last the test of time.

  But until that time comes, we suggest you concentrate on your ‘Underwater Breathtaking’….learn to let it wash all over you; learn to immerse yourself in it’s plush, sonic fathoms and bathe blissfully…that is until you all of a sudden decide to launch yourself head-first into the near-by, sub-zero drop pool where Canal’s deviant re-rub will take over and treat you to a thorough bamboozling / brutal shock to your senses.

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