FAY013 Joy Wellboy – Dreams Stay Dreams EP Out Now!

 In Fayer

Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens are musical long term duo Joy Wellboy who have released their mixture of electronica with a slight pop note on labels like Bpitch or 3000 Grad Records and now Fayer. The Berlin/ Brussel artists’ EP on the Spanish imprint includes three originals, namely Dreams Stay Dreams, Drop Me in a River and Busy Blue, while the first two takes are remixed by Patrice Baumel, Fayer label honcho Edu Imbernon and Marcus Worgull.

The opening track of Joy Wellboy’s new EP, “Dreams Stay Dreams” is an epic prayer for togetherness. Joy Adegoke and Wim Janssens vocals’ are tangled up in unison as they crave for a change that has got to come. Accompanied by muted strings, the beat drives on, layer by layer is added until the song reaches the wide open middle part that brings a new horizon, a true moment of relief.

“Busy Blue” shows another side of Joy Adegoke, as her voice pierces through the airwaves on a bouncy track filled with eerie sounds and debalancing keys. Like a lost warrior, she instinctively follows the signs that will guide her home.

“Drop Me In A River” is a soothing lullaby built on enchanting guitar loops, supporting a humming choir that leads us to the river of wishes and hope.

Joy: “As artists in these times, our mission becomes very clear. We are holding on to our visions tight, it helps to keep our back straight. When it’s dark, imagination is all we have. Shaping a brand new, more balanced world to offer strength to everyone who needs it.

This is what we live for.

Planet earth is going through some major changes. It’s all for the better. When you see yourself as a piece of the choreography, it’s easier to let go your fears. We are all connected in a beautiful way, every single creature has a different and very specific function.

So, let’s persevere in gratitude just like Leonard Cohen once said… “Dance me to the end of love”

Now on Beatport, here.

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